hemmerschütz SOLUTION GmbH
hemmerschütz SOLUTION GmbH

Corrosion protection - offshore and onshore

We provide a comprehensive solution for corroded surfaces, covering everything from damage assessment to implementation by certified technicians and detailed documentation. Our competent approach guarantees effective repair and protection.

Furthermore, our team of FROSIO inspectors provides complete inspection and monitoring services for your projects, ensuring thorough oversight and quality assurance.

Maintenance | repair work

hemmerschuetz-logo Repairs to coating systems on structures in the onshore/offshore area
hemmerschuetz-logo Preparation of the surface with various methods (manual, mechanical and compressed air blasting with solid blasting media)
hemmerschuetz-logo Application of coating materials / systems with various methods (manual, spraying)
hemmerschuetz-logo Special solutions for flanges and pipes (e.g. polymer-coating, elastomer-coating)
hemmerschuetz-logo Work can also be carried out using SZP
hemmerschuetz-logo Quality assurance by FROSIO inspector
hemmerschuetz-logo 15 years of experience


hemmerschuetz-logo Quality assurance and execution control during construction
hemmerschuetz-logo Final and partial acceptance
hemmerschuetz-logo Recurring tests on onshore and offshore structures
hemmerschuetz-logo FROSIO inspections
hemmerschuetz-logo damage assessment


hemmerschuetz-logo Advice on the analysis of the existing loads on the building
hemmerschuetz-logo Creation of specifications
hemmerschuetz-logo Selection and specification of suitable coating systems
hemmerschuetz-logo Selection of suitable application methods
hemmerschuetz-logo Creation of documentation and status assessments

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