hemmerschütz SOLUTION GmbH
hemmerschütz SOLUTION GmbH

Welding work - offshore and onshore

Our expertise extends to supporting both new construction and repair projects. Whether it's execution or monitoring, our skilled employees are there to assist you with their professional competence.

Furthermore, our team members are qualified in non-destructive testing methods such as VT, PT, MT, and UT. This allows us to ensure our own quality assurance and conduct assessments of weld seams and steel surfaces on steel structures as part of external monitoring.

Maintenance | repair work

hemmerschuetz-logo Welding techniques various procedures
hemmerschuetz-logo cutting techniques various procedures


hemmerschuetz-logo Non-destructive tests VT, PT, MT, UT
hemmerschuetz-logo Wall thickness measurements
hemmerschuetz-logo Inspections by a welding specialist
hemmerschuetz-logo Quality assurance during construction
hemmerschuetz-logo Final and partial acceptance
hemmerschuetz-logo damage assessments


hemmerschuetz-logo Selection of suitable welding processes
hemmerschuetz-logo Creation of welding instructions (WPS | WPQR)
hemmerschuetz-logo Welding supervision by a welding specialist
hemmerschuetz-logo Creation of documentation and status assessments

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